R&R’s Tips – Saving Money on Your Holiday


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R&R’s Tips – Saving Money on Your Holiday

Hotel Mini BarWhen we book a break away we usually shop around to find ourselves the best deal, so why rack up extra costs on holiday whilst you’re there? With a little thought you can save yourself money on some of the hidden costs leaving you more to spend on the things you love!

– Hotel Internet charges can be extortionate, swap this for the internet in a local coffee shop, usually free of charge and often just as fast as that in the hotel.

– Unless you’ve got money to burn, hotel mini bars are expensive! There are a couple of things you can do to save money though, buy refreshments from a local supermarket to drink in your hotel room or alternatively go to a local bar around the corner where you can soak up the local atmosphere too!

– Charges for using your mobile phone abroad – if there’s one tip we have picked up it’s to turn off your data roaming! We’ve been hit by a charge of £7 for having left it switched on for only 2 minutes in St Lucia! To save money, ask your provider about the cost of internet bundles, or look at purchasing a local SIM card. Failing that, put your phone down and actually enjoy your holiday!

– Currency – unless you have no choice, don’t purchase your currency at the airport. The rates offered are usually uncompetitive in comparison to most other places. You’ll probably find that pre-booked online currency exchange is your best option.

– Lastly, if you really have to make an international call, try using skype instead of any other phone.


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