R&R’s Tips – Taking a Great Photo


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R&R’s Tips – Taking a Great Photo

Once our travels are over, the only thing we are left with is the memories, and that’s why capturing a great photo is so important. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting that you go out and buy an expensive camera because a simple point and shoot and a little ‘know how’ is all you need. Here are a few tips for getting a bit better photo…

  • Use Flash Outside: Being outside in the sun can create unsightly shadows on peoples’ faces but you can avoid this by simply putting on your flash when taking a photo. Your camera may have a choice of fill-flash mode or full-flash mode, if the person is within five feet, use the fill-flash mode; beyond five feet, the full-power mode may be required. On more cloudy days, use the fill-flash mode as this will brighten up faces and make them stand out.


  • Know the Flash Range: It’s no good putting the flash on if the subject you’re taking a photo of is too far away. If in doubt, be no further than 10 feet from your subject to ensure that enough light is created from your flash.


  • Avoid Centre Stage: Try to avoid putting the subject in the middle of your picture, moving your subject to the left or the right instead will create a more interesting photo.


  • Do your Background Work: Simple things can make all the difference, so make sure no poles/drainpipes etc grow from the head of your subject’s head and also be aware to avoid cutting off feet or the top of heads. Even photoshop can’t correct those type of errors.