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R&R’s Tips – Travelling Light!

Suitcases - Travel Light!When it comes to packing, there tends to be 2 types of people, those who take just what they need and others that take everything bar the kitchen sink!

But in our experience there’s only one secret to packing, and that is having a ‘list’. As boring as it sounds, having a proper, well thought out list can make the world of difference, not only to you becoming more organised but also by saving you money on those hideous excess baggage charges, leaving you with more cash to spend enjoying yourself!

1. Never pack anything that isn’t on your list.

2. Make sure you have the right sort of luggage. It’s no good getting something that looks great but isn’t practical. Take time to think about the size of your case. How much does it weigh when empty? Will the material it is made from stand up to being thrown around by baggage handlers? What types of fastenings does it have? All these factors are important in ensuring your baggage gets to your destination in one piece as well as making your life easier.

3. Limit the liquids! With the strict weight allowances offered by airlines, more often that not, it’s the liquids in your luggage that contribute to making your baggage heavy. Work out exactly what you’ll need when away and only take that amount, or failing that, although not the cheapest option, buy what you need whilst you’re away.

4. Co-ordinate. Rather than pack different items of clothing for every eventuality, try and work out what items in your wardrobe will work together. Theres no need to take 10 pairs of shoes on a 7 night beach break even if you do think you’ll wear them all whilst you’re there, more often that not you would still have plenty if you took 5 pairs. For example, dressy heels for the evenings (one for the ladies really but if you’re a guy and you like your heels too, we won’t judge! 😉 ) a pair of strong, sturdy shoes for sightseeing and flip flops/sliders for the beach/pool are all you really need.

5. Lastly, don’t forget the real essentials. Any medications, passports, visas, currency, phone charger, camera etc.

When packing, always roll, don’t fold when it comes to clothes, save space and pack socks etc into shoes, decanter what you’ll need in terms of shampoos etc into travel bottles and lastly don’t put important items such as medications in your suitcase that is being checked in when flying.

Keep these tips in mind and you should find packing a breeze!


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