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Welcome to Globe-Trotters, we're Rebecca & Rhys and we love to travel! We met in 2013, married in 2014 and during those years, and to present day, we've taken every opportunity possible to see the world. Although we both had a travel passion before we met, Globe-Trotters is here because we want to share with you 'our journey', just the 2 of us. We also aim to bring you tips, fashion and gadget info and anything else 'travel' we feel might be of use.

We hope you love the site, but if you have any questions, if there's anything you'd like us to feature or you simply want to get in touch, please don't hesitate to do so because we'd love to hear from you.

Happy Travelling, Love Rebecca & Rhys xx

R&R’s Tips – Book v Kindle

We think most people will already have their preference when it comes to this debate and we’re sure it has nothing to do with age! We regularly see all different age groups using both the good old fashion book as well as the latest tablets to immerse themselves in their favourite read. We’re not going […]

R&R’s Tips – Saving Money on Your Holiday

When we book a break away we usually shop around to find ourselves the best deal, so why rack up extra costs on holiday whilst you’re there? With a little thought you can save yourself money on some of the hidden costs leaving you more to spend on the things you love! – Hotel Internet […]

R&R’s Tips – Beat Jet-Lag

The dreaded jet lag! We all know that long journeys can really take it out of you and skipping through different time zones you can be left feeling pretty worse for wear. Although there is no sure fire way to beat jet lag there are ways in which you can help yourself.   Before the […]

R&R’s Tips – Healthcare Whilst Away

We all look forward to a break away and so there’s nothing worse than becoming ill on your travels. Below is our checklist of things you may wish to take with you.. – any of your usual medications & always make sure you have enough to last you throughout your trip. – paracetamol for pain […]

R&R’s Tips – Travel Money

There’s no particular best way in which to buy your currency, much depends on personal preference and also where it is your travelling to that will indicate the best way for you. So rather than spout off about what we think, here’s a list of the pros and cons for each method..   Cash: Pros […]

R&R’s Tips – Booking A Hotel

The options available to us today for booking hotels rooms is endless but trying to find the best room at the best price can be a little more tricky. – It’s recommended in the case of hotels that you book early. Rooms can made available from as early as 18 months in advance and are […]

R&R’S Tips – Getting from A to B!

Ok, so we’re not teaching you to suck eggs here but there are a few key things that you can do that will make getting from A to B a breeze. Follow these few pointers to ensure a stress free journey.. (although we can’t do anything about screaming children on planes, we’re not that good!) […]

R&R’s Tips – Travelling Light!

When it comes to packing, there tends to be 2 types of people, those who take just what they need and others that take everything bar the kitchen sink! But in our experience there’s only one secret to packing, and that is having a ‘list’. As boring as it sounds, having a proper, well thought […]

R&R’s Tips – Best Time To Book Flights To Get The Best Rates

We all want to bag a good deal, but when is the best time to book? Tickets for flights usually go on sale 11 months in advance but this isn’t always necessarily the best time to book. Although there’s no hard fast rule as to when is the best time to buy your flights, on […]

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