R&R’s Tips – 10 Tips for Summer Skincare


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R&R’s Tips – 10 Tips for Summer Skincare

We’ve all been there, forgot to apply the sunscreen and end up suffering for days but with our top tips for getting sunscreen savvy, you need never suffer again!

  • Avoid the Burn! Even the slightest shade of pink in your skin can indicate that you’ve already suffered skin damage, so it’s right now that you need to step out of the sun. Even if you’re dark skinned, you still need to be careful because although your skin has more natural protection, it’s only equivalent to a SPF 6 so you still need to be careful to protect yourself.
  • Your Make-up Isn’t Enough Even if your foundation contains a SPF you still need to wear sunscreen. It’s unlikely that you wear enough make-up to give you adequate protection from the sun so applying sunscreen before your make-up is advisable.
  • Pay Lip Service Lips contain no natural protection against the sun so it’s important that you look after your kisser. Apply either your usual sunscreen or look for a lip balm with a SPF.
  • Don’t Forget those Toes! It’s easy to forget our feet when it comes to applying sunscreen, but the soles and toes are really prone to burning as the skin in these areas is really sensitive.
  • Make sure you’re getting Enough By this we mean sunscreen. Not applying enough can mean that the factor on the sunscreen is reduced and therefore can lead to premature burning. For the average adult, 3-4 tablespoons is the required amount to cover the entire body adequately.
  • Protect those Peepers! Sunglasses offer essential protection for the eyes and protecting them from UV rays is important. Make sure your sunnies have CE and UV400 labels for maximum protection and make sure the fit is snug too.
  • Cover-Up it’s common sense really but your clothes really do provide some of the best protection when it comes to looking after your skin. Choose loose, cotton clothing to keep cool yet protected and avoid anything that is too sheer or has gaps in. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a new holiday wardrobe to us!
Protect Yourself!

Protect Yourself!