R&R’s Tips – Booking A Hotel


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R&R’s Tips – Booking A Hotel

Hotel Room - Waldorf Astoria BerlinThe options available to us today for booking hotels rooms is endless but trying to find the best room at the best price can be a little more tricky.

– It’s recommended in the case of hotels that you book early. Rooms can made available from as early as 18 months in advance and are often cheaper the earlier you book.

– Rates are often more expensive at a weekend if you’re looking for city centre hotel however, the opposite is true should you be booking a hotel for business within a business district where you’ll get a cheaper stay at a weekend and more expensive rate in the week.

– Don’t fall for the amount of stars a hotel may have. Although it’s great to stop in 5 star luxury it can often be the case that you have to pay additionally for some features such as wifi. A good 3 or 4 star hotel might not be as plush but you may find that wifi is included in the rate.

– If you’re travelling abroad it can often be cheaper to book the flight and the hotel together as a package. Not only will you benefit from lower flight prices, and a great deal on a hotel, you’ll also have the added benefit of consumer protection under EU package law.

– Advance deal rates on hotel rooms can really save you money but beware, these rates usually require payment upfront and you’ll be unable to make any changes or cancel your booking and get a refund. If you know you won’t need to cancel or make any changes then these deals offer great value for money, should you need to make amendments however, choosing this option can end up being quite costly.

– Hotels don’t want empty rooms so the later it gets in the day, the more chance you have of bagging a good deal. If you can wait until around 6pm, this is most often when hotels will re-release rooms that haven’t yet been taken and most likely being offered at a more favourable rate.


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